Harvard Medical School’s 6 tips for managing food allergies


Food intolerances occur more often as men age. That’s because their digestion naturally slows and the body produces less of the enzymes needed to break down food. There is no cure: anyone with a food allergy must avoid the foods that trigger a reaction.

Harvard Medical School published six tips designed to help you manage food allergies. They include:

Always read labels. Manufacturers frequently change ingredients. An allergen may be part of a new formulation.

Take care when cooking. If everyone in the household isn’t following an allergen-free diet, you want to be sure to avoid cross-contamination.

Dine out defensively. Let the manager or chef know about your food allergy before you order.

Formulate an action plan. Make a list of steps to take should you accidentally eat the food you are allergic to. Carry a printed copy of the plan with you.

Wear a medical ID bracelet. Make sure it lists relevant information about your food allergy.

Always carry your medication, ideally two doses. Don’t leave home without it.

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