Swap Sweet Snacks for Savory Ones


Are you one of the 61% of Americans seeking to reduce their sugar intake, according to International Food Information Council’s 2016 Food and Health Survey?   If so, Kelly Toups, staff dietician and director of Oldways Whole Grains Council offers savory, lower-sugar alternatives to more sugary snacks. Below are just a few options:

Granola-lovers:  Make your own savory granola or trail mix sans sweetener using various nuts and seeds, spices and oils. For example, try roasting almonds and oats in olive oil with a generous handful of fresh rosemary.

Yogurt-lovers:  Mix your own savory concoction by buying plain Greek yogurt and spicing it up with roasted chickpeas and fresh cherry tomatoes.

Oatmeal-lovers: Many other countries have a rich history of serving savory grain porridges. Draw inspiration from our overseas neighbors and try making a hearty mushroom risotto with steel cut oats.

Toast-lovers: Instead of topping bread with sugary jam, spread it with hummus and thinly sliced cucumber or radishes.

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