Best Healthy Snacks for Men

Bodybuilding has come up with 26 healthy snacks as an alternative to “the vending machine, weeks’-old food in the fridge that looks like a science experiment, and the cupcakes on your co-worker’s desk.” Here are a few favorites: Single-serving packets of nut butters such as almond, hazelnut, or peanut. Look for options with the least…

Harvard Medical School’s 6 tips for managing food allergies

Food intolerances occur more often as men age. That’s because their digestion naturally slows and the body produces less of the enzymes needed to break down food. There is no cure: anyone with a food allergy must avoid the foods that trigger a reaction. Harvard Medical School published six tips designed to help you manage food…

Healthy Recipes for the New Year

From The New York Times, “Healthy Recipes for the New Year” is an inspiring guide. Here is Mark Bittman’s recipe for Four-Spice Salmon, which takes 20 minutes to cook.

Mark Sisson’s Definitive Guide to Wine

Mark Sisson has made health and fitness his life’s work. This excerpt from his “Definitive Guide to Wine” guide highlights facts you may not know about the impact of wine on your health.