The Worst Foods Men Can Eat

french friesMen’s Health has published a guide to the best and worst foods a man can eat. It rates 54 common foods. Of those, these get the worst grades.

Buttered Popcorn

“A perfectly healthy whole-grain snack gone horribly wrong when drenched in butter or sugar. Eat it plain and it rates a B.” Rating: F

Fast-Food Burgers

“When a whopping 64% of calories come from fat, even a low-carb marketing makeover can’t turn this cash cow into healthy food. Cruise home and grill your own.” Rating: F

Fish Sticks

“Fish masquerading as “healthy.” Don’t be fooled: That mild white meat is most likely breaded in a trans-fat-soaked crust.” Rating: F

French Fries

“Are they the new “cancer sticks”? Possibly, thanks to the combination of frying and a cancer-causer called acrylamide in every fry.” Rating: F


“In large amounts, your body OD’s on the natural and added sugar in juice, storing it as fat instead of burning it as energy (as it would normally when you eat whole fruit). ” Rating: D


“It’s packed with trans-fatty acids that can raise cholesterol levels. Stick with butter or a trans-fat-free option such as Smart Beat instead.” Rating: D


“Sounds virtuous, but a bakery-sized “Honey Bran Raisin” packs nearly 500 calories and 25% of the day’s fat and carb grams.” Rating: D


“A large, soft pretzel can set you back nearly 500 calories. Ten twisty hard types will do half that damage but are still high in salt.” Rating: D

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