10 Simple Ways to Detox Without Dieting

detoxFeeling sluggish? Weighed down by a heaviness in the gut that will not abate? You may need to detox. Rachel Aydt, in Men’s Fitness, provides advice for how to detoxify your body without substantially changing your diet.

Aydt quotes Dr. Ivy Bravin, a naturopathic doctor in New York, throughout her article. As Dr. Bravin states, “Dietary changes are necessary during a time of detoxing, but they do not have to be radical.”

Take a Dairy-Free Vacation

According to Dr. Bravin, too much dairy will give anyone a hard time. After a while, dairy “build[s] up mucus and slow[s] down liver function,” states Dr. Bravin. That is why you should lay off the cheese sandwiches once in a while. There are plenty of plant-based alternatives out there to get you through a couple of days without dairy.

Say No to Happy Hour

Detoxing is all about cleansing the liver, right? So it makes sense that you should abstain from alcohol for a while. Aydt makes a good point in the article: that consuming too much alcohol in a short-term period is the best way to jeopardize detoxification. By eliminating alcohol from your diet for a week or so, you enable your liver to process the rest of the toxins in your body.

Choose Organic

Have you heard of the Dirty Dozen in produce? Aydt raises awareness about how these particular fruits and vegetables are often laden with pesticides. Every year, the Environment Working Group (EWG) puts out a new list of which fruits and vegetables should be purchased organic. Check out the 2016 list available now. The “dirtiest” are usually non-organic spinach, blueberries, and apples. Also, opt for cage-free and grass-fed poultry and meat. By doing so, you help rid your diet of unneeded poisons.

Lemon Water

“Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day,” advises Dr. Bravin. You can increase the detox power of water by adding a squirt or slice of lemon to your water in the morning. The vitamin C naturally increases the body’s glutathione, which is an important compound in the liver for removing waste from the body. Moreover, a boost for the immune system means less time fighting infections.

When you are an active man 40 years old and up, watching what you eat is difficult enough. To detox may seem like an added hassle, but the tips in “10 Simple Ways to Detox Without Dieting,” are easy to implement. Follow Men’s Fitness on Twitter @MensFitness.